Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Grandpa Mark and Aaron playing with his truck

Grandpa and Grandma Kellenbeck came for a visit. So we went and saw Deception Pass.

The Puget Sound at Deception Pass

Aaron watching Daddy walk on drift wood

It was chilly so we made a fire and asked a passerby for a light
Aaron following a seagull Grandpa Mark helping Aaron walk over the drift wood Grandpa Mark playing with Aaron and his truck. The seagull supervised.

Walking on the beach...I miss the nice sandy beaches of Oregon!

The family

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

It's that time again...time for tulips!
Grandpa and Grandma K with Aaron
Where's Aaron?

Aaron playing with his truck and train

Monday, April 23, 2007

Aaron and his rocking horse

Remember this? (Christmas 2005)

Now look at him! What a difference a year makes!

Aaron's first bike ride

Two weekends ago we went on a family bike ride with the Bezanson family. (Thanks Kara for letting me ride your bike!) Aaron got to ride on the back of my bike in a child's seat. Unfortunately our camera batteries died so we only got this picture. Isn't he cute in his helemet?

Aaron slides down the "big" slide by himself

Our trip to Portland to see Grandma Kit after surgery

Here we are in the tiny room. Grandma Kit is doing just fine after her shoulder surgery.
Aaron checks out the cupboards in the hospital

Aaron watching Curious George with Aunt Melissa
Aaron heading for the slide

That was fun!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Our Easter

Easter basket time
Daddy blowing up a "Gertie" ball. Aaron loves this ball.
Daddy and Aaron lounging before dinner
Thanks Mom and Andy for the beautiful Easter bouquet

We had a turkey and ham for Easter, yes we have left overs!

Let the hunt begin. Aaron started to get the idea.

In Linkhart tradition, Judy hunted for eggs with Aaron.
Judy was tough competition, but Aaron helds his own!
Yes, Judy you got the most!
To end the Easter festivities, a round of video games was in order

Aaron's First Easter Egg Hunt

This was a locally sponsored Easter Egg hunt. My company was one of the sponsors so we decided to check it out. It was a little crazy, there must have been close to a 1,000 people at this hunt. Luckily they broke up the areas by age, which helped spread people out. They literally counted down and once they said go it was a free for all...even in our area.

I picked up the first couple of eggs and handed them to Aaron to put in his basket. He did pick up one egg, which was promptly taken out of his hand by another child. She put it in her basket. Her dad apologetically gave it back. My company will be proud to know that the one egg he picked up was an egg sponsored by us. :)

Daddy gives Aaron a piggy back ride! Whee!

This is fun Dad!

Just like his Daddy, Aaron loves an audience!