Friday, February 20, 2009

Aaron writes his first letter...the letter A!

Kaylee taught Aaron the letter "A" today
He liked writing it so much that he wrote 4 or 5 pages front and back all by himself! Smart boy!

The boys play in the yard. Watch Ryan walk! Whee! Yeah!

Fun at the Mt. Vernon Children's Museum

Ready set, shoot water!
Peek a boo!
Aaron operates the crane

Truck driver Aaron!
Bongo baby!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Aaron and Ryan play with Grandma Melodi and Ryan walks

Some fun pictures

The fam
Cowboy AaronCute Ryan

Ryan is a climber and a walker!

Ryan has been really interested in the fish tank. He even can say "fish". Ryan getting braver. Here is standing on the front of one of his push toys to see the fish.

About a week after his birthday, Ryan decided that walking was the best way to get around. He walks every where now!

Fun with Grandma and Grandpa Covington

Aaron enjoys the touch tank at the Bellingham AquariumRyan gets to touch his first sea urchin
Taking a closer look
What's out there Grandpa?
Grandma shows the boys the sea life
Aaron gets a 3d look into the aquarium

Open wide...

Happy Birthday Ryan...Ryan's Celebration on His Birthday

Yum, cake...
How about some frosting
Good stuff!