Saturday, February 25, 2012

Madison has figured out a new mode of scooting...ha! - October 2011

Light Saber you see Madi behind Aaron (Darth Vader)

Ryan is the fireman, Aaron is Darth Vader and Madi is sitting behind him

Madison's Room!

Busy girl. Madison found the tupperware lids. - October 2011

Aaron and Ryan create puppets - October 2011

Monster puppets!

Maris Farms - Pumpkin Time! - October 2011

Aaron - 6!
Ryan - 3 3/4!
 Madison - 1!

 Who knew corn could be so much fun!

 Time for a ride!

 Look at that smile!

 Such a ham!

 Anna and Tabea (our neighbor/friend with her exchange student from Germany) and Madi!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Madison making funny noises - September 2011

Aaron, Ryan and Madison play in the pool - September 2011

 Fun in the sun!

First Day of School! - September 2011

Aaron helps make his lunch for the first day of school 
 Ryan was super excited for preschool!
Well the first day of school was a bit crazy. Aaron ended up falling off the monkey bars knocking his front two teeth loose. Ryan's frist day was cancelled due to a wedding one of his teachers was in...the message never made it to me. The preschool felt so bad they gave us a discount for the next month's tuition. Let's just say that the second week of school was smoother. :)

A trip to Woodland Park Zoo with Grandma and Grandpa - September 2011

 Up close and personal with a duck
 Madi seriously watches the ducks
 Lunch time!

 Tired Madison cuddles with Grandpa
 Grandpa's feet and Aaron's feet! Hmm...I wonder whose will be bigger one day?
 Here come the giraffes

 Daddy and Madison

 That is a Big Lizzard!