Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Ryan - 4! - January 2012

 A birthday dinner for Ryan!
 Daddy made a Jet cake for Ryan's 4th Birthday!
Making paper airplanes 
 Whose airplane went the farthest?

 Happy Birthday to You...
 Maria and baby Lucy and Anna and baby Aadison
 Aunt Julie serves up the cake
 Madi enjoys a piece of cake with Grandma

Friday, October 12, 2012

The kiddos and Addison - January 2012

All three playing piano - January 2012

Madi...loves her purse! - January 2012

Madi (17 months) and her purse! 

Mtn. Rainier and our neighborhood - January 2012


Snow Storm...Ice Storm - January 2012

 First we had snow, then ice, then more snow...

Um, my poor tree looks like a bush.
 Mama and Madi walk in the snow
 The neighborhood has fun in the snow.
 Enjoying a snack

 Here we go!
 Ryan (4)
The hill on the side of our property is a big hit for sledding. The best place to sled, is in to our yard. Oh boy.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Cole Family Christmas Photos - December 2011

 We have continued our Cole family self portraits...this one turned out pretty good! (Madison - 16 months, Aaron - 6 1/2 and Ryan - nearly 4)

Gotta loves this one! Oh Ryan, you make me laugh!