Thursday, April 28, 2011

Three Piggy Opera - Mrs. Baldwin's P.M. Kindergarten at Shadow Lake Elementary - Aaron's big solo!

We had a suprise when we went to Aaron's kindergarten opera, he had a solo!  We had no idea. He never let on! He only got very excited the day of the show and wanted to be sure that we were coming.  His solo is at the 5:50 mark on the video. He does an adorable job! (The video is about 20 mins long.) Enjoy!
Aaron is the 3rd in on the left sitting on the floor in front of the wolf. They made their piggy hats and wore round pink piggy sticker noses. 

 Sorry, for the blury picture. I cropped one of the further away pictures to get this one.
 Taking a bow!

A visit from Grandma and Grandpa Cole and Great Aunt Renie and Cousin Lizzy - March 2011

Grandpa and Madison
Aunt Renie has gone to the dogs
Ryan at his last day of soccer
The kiddos waiting kick a goal
Ryan's turn to kick a goal!
Aaron playing soccer
Watch Aaron's celebration dance when he kicks a strike!
 Ryan picking daisies

Madison says, "more Grandma"

 Father and son
 Coach Brett and the boys
The clan looking at wedding photos. Liz and Aunt Renie made a trip out to look at PLU.  We just found out that Liz has decided on PLU. Woohoo, GO LUTES!

Madison, under Grandma's watchful eye, goes crazy with plastic - March 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Madison - 32 weeks - March 22, 2011 (She got her second tooth today!)

Gotta love the drool hanging off her chin!

Oregon Museum on Science and Industry (OMSI) - March 2011

 Fun in the sand
 Aaron the tractor operator
 Grandma Kit and Ryan
Future astronaut?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Madison - 30 weeks

Madison playing with  her kitchen and talking up a storm

More fun with a box - March 2011

Leaning Tower of Cole's - March 2011

Reptile and Amphibian Show in Seattle - March 2011

The boys had a great time at the Reptile and Amphibian show in Seattle. It definately drew an interesting crowd.

Super cute baby turtles. Kind of made me sad, but they were cute.

I'm not sure how an owl fits into the Amphibian and Reptile category, but none the less there was an owl. I wish I had caught it on video, but when the owner would say, "who let the dogs out" the owl would hoot "hoo, hoo".  Ha, ha!

More Chatty Baby - Madison 29 weeks (March 2011)

Aaron reads with Daddy - March 2011

Aaron has been learning to read in Kindergarten!