Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Break Part 1 - Visiting Great Aunt Lyla at Manzanita and Cannon Beach

Meeting Charlie, the cat (Aaron loves cats)
Petting Charlie while he eats his breakfast
Sand! Ryan tried to eat at least two handfuls of sand.
Taking it all in

Ryan plays in the sand
Mommy and Aaron
Mommy and the boys
Aunt Julie and the boys
Grandma Melodi and the boys
Playing with wet sand
What a cutie

Ryan runs after AaronMommy and Aaron check out the chilly water
Sea-saw with Grandma
Aaron tries out the monkey bars
Sisters swing with the boys
Playing on Cannon Beach with Great Aunt Lyla and Grandma
Ryan plays in the sand

Water is just as fun as sand
Great Aunt Lyla and Ryan

Ryan found a great place to look at pictures...the bed of his dump turck

Check out Aaron's new do

The Battle of Bunny and Duck

Thanks Great Grandma Denise and Grandpa Earl - We like our singing bunny and duck

Ryan laughs as the boys play cars

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Some pictures from March

Construction worker Ryan...see the one sock on, one sock off...this is a common Ryan look
Fire fighter Aaron, I love this picture
Pyramid of boys
Daredevil baby at it again
Kaylee and the boys
We find Ryan standing on the stool all of the time
Boys watch mommy go to rehearsal
Ryan reading his books...he loves his books

Aaron wrote his name!! What a smart boy!

Aaron learns the letter "B"

Kaylee taught Aaron to write the letter "B" - She told him it is a line with two big dinosaur bellies