Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Daddy and Aaron piano duet

Tour of the down stairs

Tour of the bonus room


BHS Marching practice...this is before both of the parades that they participated in over the past couple of weeks

Aaron showing how he can jump

Aaron talks to Grandpa and Grandma Cole on the cell phone

Aaron using leg power on his push toy

We have insulation!

Now you have a better idea of what it will look like with the large window in the addition
The living room - looking out the front and new side window

The bonus room - looking out the side
The bonus room - looking out the front

The garage

Ski to Sea Parade

Aaron had a great time watching the parade. He clapped and danced.
He was also facinated by the boy dressed as spiderman. At one point he went up to his mask and stuck his fingers into the eye holes. The boy wasn't expecting that. The rest of the time he would run up and touch his hand and run away giggling.
Here comes Matt's band. This year Bellingham High School received 1st in their division, 1st overall, 1st drumline and 1st colorguard and dance. It was a near sweep!
The drum majors
Matt is on the far right side

Aaron sitting with the kids on the curb...what a big boy!

I was getting Aaron ready for bed one night and look where I found the dog's bed!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Band tour to Victoria, BC

You can see Matt in the far left corner. Bellingham High School was the last band of the day in the parade. That is pretty neat spot to be, you are the last band everyone gets to see!This is the debut of their new uniforms. Last year the Band Boosters rasied enough money to purchase new uniforms.

The colorguard getting ready for the parade.

A neat structure in the business park across from our hotel.

This was Aaron's first band tour. We were lucky and got a suite at the hotel. That really helped with sleeping arrangements. Here is Aaron playing the closet of the hotel. Unfortunately, the weather was quite bad this year, except fortunately for parade day, so we stayed in alot.

The remodel continues...

Here's the latest outside picture of the house. There will be a larger window between the two smaller windows above the garage. They are waiting for the dry wallers to pull the dry wall through that space before they put the window in.
This is what we got to clean-up on Friday before we packed for a band tour to Victoria leaving the following day. Ugh.
The dogs enjoyed exploring the pile.
We had a number of surprises Fiday. The first is the two heating vents you see. These were not expected and had to be rerouted through other walls because this wall is being replaced with a beam. The second surpries was that under our house rats had nested in the insulation around the heating pipes. They not only shredded a bunch of insulation but also ripped up the pipes in a couple of spots. Yuck! Mom and I did surround sound wiring last summer and new something had gotten down ther, just not what. Glad we didn't see them. Now we also know why the dogs were going nuts at the vents for a while.
It took an hour of sweeping and vacuuming to clean-up the carpet after moving the dry wallHere's the beam that is replacing the support wall that is being removed
Now you can see the wall that the beam is replacing
Here is the back wall of the bonus room above our garage

Here we are cleaning the bonus room
Squires investigating the new room
Here's the front corner of the bonus room
The door looking from the bonus room into the house
The scissor trusses in the bonus room
The beam is up! Yeah, the office is gone and we have a larger living room.
Looking from where the office was into the rest of the house. We are calling this our "ET" house.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Aaron poses for a picture while still playing piano

This last week went down to the bay for a bit of fun

Whee! All by himself!

Remodel - 4th day of Week Three

We now have siding on two of the three sides, the roof is nearly done and we have heat. Tomorrow is demo day on the inside. Yikes!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

More House Progress

The trusses finally showed up on the guys were able to make progress...up went the roof!
Yikes, you wouldn't see me up the roof!

Matt taking a closer look
Aaron loves their dogs Daisy and Diesel. This is Daisy, she likes to give Aaron kisses.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Remodel - Day Two of Week Two

Now a big section of roof has been stripped and two closets have been put in...also we have doorway into the house.

Remodel - Day One of Week Two

Two guys did all the work you see, in a day!

The Guys: Dusty and Josh