Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ryan's Arrival

Here is the proud Papa! Yep, that is 4 a.m. in the background!

Dr. Short delivered a longgggggg baby-22 inches!

Look at the beautiful Mommy of two boys now! Our hero!!

Aaron meeting Ryan for the very first time...they both have a nose!

Aaron watching the baby being changed...he is already a protective big bro!

The nurse said that both kids have the same nose!

In case you didn't know...this is what an angel looks like...a 9 pound 3 ounce angel!

Aaron already loves his little brother...what a cute kiss!

Ryan resting in his own bed! Yes, those are socks on his hands...his nails are sooo long.

We just got home and the boys are already conspiring!!! Watch out mommy!

Aaron is helping carry Ryan in our house for the 1st time!

Second row is full...everyone else head to the back!

Aaron likes Ryan's hat!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Here's what we found when we got home from church would have thought this would have sent me into labor...

That is our tree laying on our neighbor's house...not exactly what you want to see when you get home from churchWe had some really strong wind today and that was all she wrote...down it came...fortunately two fences caught it...
As you can see we also have had a lot of rain...big surprise for the NW

So we called an emergency 24 hour tree service, who showed up an hour later and $500 later they took care of the tree

We were extremely blessed and the only damage was to the fence. The roof is just fine.
The guys even put our fence up for us, temporarily until we can get it fixed next week sometime. The wind is supposed to get much worse tonight. I suppose if it were to happen we were lucky it did during the day, in the light.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Aaron plays a tiny ornament piano (Thanks Great Grandma and Grandpa Kellenbeck)

Aaron plays the harmonica...thanks Girls he loves his instruments!

Grandpa and Grandma Covington's Visit

Yeah, Grandpa Andy and Grandma Melodi are here!
Christmas #3....Aaron awaits... :) Big helper Aaron helps Grandma and Grandpa put together his table Yep, he likes it
Aaron got boots for Christmas and loves them...he has even climbed into bed with them
Here's a classic toddler and a diaper ...and more boots!

Aaron walking in his boots for the first was hysterical...he walks normally now
Grandma and Aaron play playdough
All the boys on the couch
Yep, that's a plate on the baby belly

Come home soon Grandpa Andy! (Andy is serving in Afghanistan for three more months, to complete a year)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Grandpa and Grandma Cole's Visit

Grandpa and Grandma Cole came for a visit over we had Christmas #2...Aaron knew just what to do
Now Grandma gets to experience the pressure of getting the toy out of the packaging! A bow for Grandma...
...and for Grandpa
The family hanging out on the couch
We decided that Grandma and Grandpa needed to experience Chuck E.'s Aaron riding a big kids ride, powered by Daddy
Melissa and Derek also joined us at Chuck E. Cheese
Aaron played lots of big kid games with Daddy's help
He espeically liked the train set...there were lots of buttons to push and the train zipped around

How many cars fit in Grandpa's pocket?

Go Aaron and Grandpa....get Daddy!Grandma and Aaron look at the bird book

Friday, January 11, 2008

Aaron and his "Leap pad"

This video is quite funny, Aaron tries the Leap pad pen on himself...he really was listening to what was being said

Hooray for learning toys!


Christmas day was my 30th Birthday...yikes. I was completely floored, Matt managed to throw me a surprise party on Christmas day...the most amazing part is....people came!

Here I am trying to blow out 30 candles with my poor squished preggo lungs... :)

Christmas Morning

Aaron seeing the tree with gifts...and helping himself...he knows what to do! Our Tree . This was our first Christmas at home. Because we are so close to our due date we are not allowed to travel. It was nice being home, but very different.
Hmm, what's this? George!Aaron wanted everything out of the box right away. This car actually had a screw holding it in its box! Aaron tries on his new Thomas backpackDaisy looks on Squires enjoys their new couch By the end, Aaron was pooped