Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Madison - 9 weeks

Aaron and Ryan as "robots" - we made them out of our many boxes that we have around :)

Aaron and Ryan try out the french horn

 Ryan tries out french horn for the first time

Aaron tries out french horn for the first time. I was super impressed that they both can get sound! Daddy was proud!

Melissa and Derek's Wedding - October 16, 2010

 Hanging out at Grandpa Jim and Grandma Kit's hotel waiting for the reception. Ryan was supposed to nap...ha!
 Aaron was a big goof, but a cute one!
 Grandma Melodi wrestled Ryan to get him ready to go
 GQ Aaron
 Nancy (Derek's mom), Grandpa Jim and Ryan
 First dance
Father Daughter Dance
Mother Son Dance
 Are we done yet?
 Aunt Julie and Aaron
 Ryan dances with Aunt Melissa
The fam dancing...I look pretty scary...ha!
 Grandpa Jim and Grandma Kit...the happy parent's of the bride
 Ryan and Daddy dance
 A big family dinner the day after the wedding. We took advantage of all of the space we have at our rental. What fun!
The groom's cake!  The boys wanted a piece so bad at the wedding. Thanks guys for sending it with the family! The boys were super excited!

Aaron has learned how to swing himself! - October 2010