Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Madison full of it! - 9 months - May 2011

Boys riding in their trucks

Do we have movement? - May 2011

(Poor Aaron in the back ground...what a cough!)

Miss Rolley Polley

Madison (9 months) has figured out on her own how to put a ball in the dinosaur! - May 2011

See how they grow? - May 2011

 So BIG!
Ryan loves his sister

Madison's first word... DADA! - May 2011

Madison feeding herself! - May 2011

Squires "helps" with breakfast - ugh - May 2011

Ryan plays ball with Madison - May 2011

Ryan (3) learing to ride a two wheeler with training wheels!

 Getting ready for the first ride
 Here we go!
 Having a big brother makes a huge difference in confidence!
 So proud!
Ryan was so excited about riding his bike that he rode it on walk on his first day!
Second day

Ry dressing himself...sometimes you don't know what you are going to get! - May 2011

Random April pictures

 Madison sitting in her bath!
 Mr. Silly...Ry
 Madi hangs with the boys, while the play video games
Working on Easter cards

I took a spill off our front step, while holding Madi in her infant car seat. She was fine, shaken but fine. My foot was another story. (April 2011)

Some pictures of our home...we have been painting and so has God!

 Living room
 Front entry
 Master bedroom

 Aaron's Seahawk room....similar color to ours but not the same

 Ryan's giraffe room
God's painting!

Leaning tower of boys...April 2011

A visit from Grandpa Mark and Grandma Kathleen - April 2011

 Grandpa and Madi (8 months)
 Aaron and Ryan love bowling!

Watch Aaron hop around, so funny...and watch Ry...woops!
 She looks so cute with bows on her head...if only they stayed on!
 Grandma and Madison
Grandpa and the kiddos

A visit from Grandma Melodi - April 2011

 Madi watches Grandma as she reads

Look, I made a bib!  Thanks mom for your help!

Madison - 8 months - April 2011

Running leggs - Madison - 8 months (April)

Tulips! Well...even though we don't live 20 minutes away I managed to drag Matt and fam up to see the tulips!

I think Madi was ready to throw in the towel...