Thursday, December 13, 2007

3D ultra sound video

Matt surprised me...and today we had 3D ultrasound and video taken of our Baby...pretty amazing

Baby 2 was difficult to image today because of how he was positioned. He is head down like he is supposed to be but was facing towards the back of me. We had to try and encourage him to turn towards the "camera". The umbilical cord, his hand and arm were up by his face as well, which made it difficult as well to achieve unobstructed images. But none the less...a number came out pretty well. :)
You can really see the cord in this one
Do you see his little hand under his chin?

Aaron's first Christmas program!

This is the back of Aaron as he came out on stage. He was an angel. (The pictures, as you can see didn't come out that great) Aaron clapping with the audience...the little boy sitting next to him cried the whole time
Aaron sitting in my lap after his part in the show
(We have video on our video camera...Matt stood in the back with the rest of the dads and videoed, it was like a right of passage. I will now have to figure out how to get it off the camera on the there will be video to come!)

Oh, Christmas Tree....oh, Chirstmas Tree

Aaron fell asleep 5 minutes before the Christmas tree farm...which made for a cross Aaron when we woke him up to go hunt for a tree...oh well.
Earlier that morning we got a dusting of snow, which put us in the Christmas mood

Aaron did perk up when he saw other people's dogs running he is watching them
He wasn't really in to pictures this time...shucks, no family pictures at the tree farm
Daddy has done it again!
Aaron supervises as Daddy puts the tree into the van
Aaron in the van with the tree
Aaron helping Mommy put ornaments on the tree

Our first Christmas tree in our front window of our newly remodeled house!!

Aaron and his trike

The nursery...with furniture

The story of the bunk bed

Once we received the bunk bed in the mail...we took apart the toddler bed to be placed in the nursery. Once we had it together in the nursery Matt opened the boxes to the bunk bed to discover they had sent two different colors (honey and oak). Moral of the story...check the boxes first!
So, Aaron slept on his new twin mattress on the floor for just over a week. Aaron liked the mattress on the floor...easy to jump on!

Once we had all the right colors...Dan and Jen came over to help put the bed took two nights because our drill died. So Aaron slept on the floor on his mattress in the bunk bed frame (I wish I had gotten a picture of that). Dan brought his drill the second evening and the bed flew together!

...and we have a "big boy" bed!

Aaron's first night in his new bed

The new setup

Thank you to all of the family who helped make the bunk bed possible for Aaron!!!

Here I am...32 or 33 weeks

Aaron plays with the binoculars that Daddy made him

Big boy drinking out of a cup

Aaron plays tug-a-war with Squires

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Family of Elves

Friday, December 07, 2007

Aaron playing the Tom Toms

As soon as the Tom Toms came in the door of the house, Aaron was upstairs like a flash and back down again with his drum sticks.

Auburn Marching Competition (Vetran's Day weekend)

Kendra was my carpool buddy to the competition! Thanks Kendra!Aunt Melissa and Uncle Derek
Matt's band placed 6th in their category. They did a great job!

A package from Grandpa Andy all the way from Afghanistan


See the see what it is!

Aaron checks out his gift from Grandpa Andy

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby Shower! My great and crazy friend Rachel flew out from Indiana to throw this great shower!

Isn't this the most adorable cake?! Thanks Mom!

How big do you think the tummy is?

...and the winner is, Robin!
More games....

Gifts :)
Look at this great baby quilt that Rachel made! Isn't she talented?!

Yeah, a sleep sack!...sewn by mom!
Hooray a double stroller!
Toni holding Sarah's baby Avery
Aaron agrees, the cake was incredible!
Aunt Julie and Aaron...aren't they cute?!
Yeah, balloons!