Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Misc. Southern, OR - July 2011

Grandpa Mark and Madi 
 Grandma Kathleen and Madi
 Aaron nearly 6
 Aaron helping Grandpa clean the pool
 Aaron enjoying a smore
 Roasting marshmellows

 Ryan (3 1/2) trying out his smores
 Madi...making a big mess in a short amount of time!
 Grandpa and Madi - Love this picture!
 Madi cuddling with Aunt Julie
The boys haning out

Splash Grandpa Mark!! - July 2011

The boys were in the pool every morning...9 or 10 a.m...gotta love hot Southern Oregon weather
The boys had a great time splashing Grandpa Mark!

Sprinkler Park in Ashland, OR - July 2011

The parks forgot to unlock the gate at the sprinkler park...but the sign read that if the water was running the park was we hopped the fence. 

 Madi ended up loving the water
 The boys had a blast running through the water

Aaron is the one under the water

Fire Works - 4th of July!

 The kiddos watch Daddy set fire works off...check out Ryan's concerned face
 Madi (11 months) entertains herself with mommy's camera bag


4th of July Parade - Ashland, OR

We got to watch the Ashland 4th of July parade from the top of a building
It is kind of a strange pararde...but the kids enjoy it and we come out to support Matt's Masters Program: American Band College
Aaron and Ryan enjoy a better view from Daddy's shoulders

 Aunt Julie and Madi
Grandma Kathleen and Ryan take in the sites
Silly Aaron

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kids at Anna and Jake's vow renewal - June 2011

 I took pictures of Anna and Jake's vow are a few!
 Aaron (nearly 6)
 Ryan (3 1/2)
 Stroller parking! Keely, Leiha and Madison
Ryan and Keely...ahh, so cute!

Fun with Grandma Kit! - June 2011

Check out where Madison (10 months) puts her feet! I wonder what she will do when her leggs are too long!

Blast Off! - June 2011

Our neighbors build rockets. So, the boys got to shoot them off. Each got a turn!  Ryan is poised and ready to go!
 Aaron is next!
 Jake works on getting the rocket ready

 Ok, Aaron it is your turn.
 What a goof!
 Aaron's turn!
 The third they go to shoot off together.
 Madi checks out Lily (our neighbor's dog)
Lily goes in to help out the boys.