Thursday, August 05, 2010

Aaron can ride his bike without training wheels! Matt taught him last Saturday...and he has sure taken off!

Look at him go!

Ryan has been pedaling his bike since about May...he has gotten really fast too!

Family Photos...and I got brave and bared the baby belly

Ryan was not a cooperative little one for this shoot...but our photographer Kim Lincoln was amazing and patient and Matt worked hard to get the smiles that we got. I really like this family photo!
Ryan laughs at his silly brother.
Sweet Aaron giving the baby belly some love.
More love.
I really like this photo.

Daddy and Aaron pet the goats at Hovander Park.
Yep, Ryan wasn't wanting to take photos.
Look at those eyes!
Another good family photo.
The boys had lots of fun kissing the baby belly.
So sweet.

Love that look.
Sweet little Ry

Has to be my favorite photo of the boys!
I love this photo of Ryan!
Leaning tower of family

This picture is kind of fun
More baby belly kisses

Aaron thought that mommy's tummy was a good pillow

I like this one too.

Ok Madison...we are ready for you!

July 2010 - Ben and Zoe come over for a swim

The boys have been enjoying their pool in our mini heat wave
Ben (friend and neighbor) enjoys the water
Aaron has no qualms going under water...thanks to swimming lessons

The boys took over the pool...jumping in
Watch how crazy they got
Here goes Ben
Ryan and Zoe decided to swing while the older boys jumped in the adults hung out in chairs and watched or played life guard :)