Saturday, June 30, 2007

Aaron and Daddy play soccer in the back yard

Aaron talks to Ella on Mommy's cell phone

Now you can see our little dare devil in action. Who knew toilet paper could be so much fun?

Aaron is turning into quite the dare devil...he likes to climb...even on top of toilet paper

Ride on Cowboy!

Maybe a little Texas made it into Aaron from Daddy... :)

Aaron helping with the vacuuming

Aaron helping with the vaccuming

Paint Party - A couple of weekends ago

Thanks to wonderful friends and an awesome Band Booster all of our inside painting was completed in 5 1/2 hours one Saturday afternoon. We are truely grateful for everyone's help. It allowed us to stay on schedule. Above is Don, Allan and Josiah.
Leigh and Allan working on the bonus room
Ken in on the ladder and Rod is in the closet
Don...look at all the cool equipment people brought
Leigh working the roller
Rod edging the dining room
Alan giving us his serious side

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Painting...and more painting

The first coat of primer Matt painted took 9 hours with a roller...then the walls were textured...the second coat of primer took 2 hours with our neighbor, TJ's help and his sprayer...need I say more! Thank you TJ!!!!
The plastic wall is down, the plastic wall is down...hooray!

Aaron is enjoying his new found freedom with the plastic wall gone
Daisy sizes up the room