Sunday, July 22, 2007

Here are a few pictures of our finished house. Yahoo!

Our house is painted! We are down to touch-ups.
The only thing that will be different, will be that the bases of the pillars on the top and the bottom will be blue.
Looking from the living room into the dining room...we can finally have all of the chairs around the table now that the china cabinet is in the living room
The living room...the dogs are happy the couches are back

The is the corner of living room that used to be the office

Looking towards the kitchen

From where the office was, looking at the stairs

Looking into the bonus room from the doorway...the back corner is the "office"

The bonus room serves as the family room/office/play room

This is the window that looks out into the backyard

Looking towards the hallway

As of last Tuesday...Aaron is now sleeping in his toddler bed

The first nap in his toddler bed...Aaron fell out

The next day we realized that we needed to put up the bed rail...he hasn't falled out since.

A few pictures from Grandma Melodi's house

Grandma Melodi and Aaron check out Grandma's flower garden
Aunt Julie and Grandma play with Aaron

Aaron looks at a cougar at the zoo

A trip to the Oregon Zoo with Grandma Melodi and Aunt Julie

Grandma Melodi and Aaron
Look how big Aaron is getting!
What a pair!
Look a penguin
We walked and we walked...for four hours! Aaron took a ride on Daddy's shoulders.
Hmm....what's in there?

We got a great view of the giraffe
The monkey looks at us
Aaron looks at the monkey
Aaron gets up close with the orangutang The gang

Pictures from Grandpa and Grandma Kellenbeck's

After the long car ride to Southern Oregon, Aaron enjoyed playing in the wading pool at Grandpa and Grandma Kellenbeck's house
Aaron had a great time playing the water
The patio swing was fun too
Aaron gives Hunter a hug. Hunter doesn't look to pleased.

Aaron helps Grandpa Mark clean the floors

Aaron investigates the owl

A Visit to Great Grandpa and Grandma Hollensted's house

Great Grandpa gives Aaron a ride
Woosh, how's your leg Great Grandpa?
Great Grandma Dorene helps Aaron up
Great Grandpa Ron takes Aaron on a tour of the backyard...Daddy brought him his shoes

Friday, July 20, 2007

Happy early Birthday Aaron and belated Birthday Matt!

Aaron is into opening presents this year
He really likes his toolset...he might have more tools then daddy!
Great Grandma Denise and Great, Great Aunt Leta and Uncle Joe look on as Aaron tests out his new truck
Grandpa Mark and Grandma Kathleen
Aaron had a hey day attacking the balloons
Great Grandpa Earl, Aaron and Grandpa
Yum...icecream cake!

Chasing the geese

A visit to Great Grandpa and Grandma Kellenbeck's house

Here's the geese....
....and here goes Aaron chasing the geese
Aaron and Daddy tickle the ivories
Aaron plays with Great Grandma Denise's hair
The gang