Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Annual Animals as Natural Therapy "Ant" Open Farm

Aaron was very excited to see bunnies...he talked all week about how he was going to see bunnies...thank goodness there were bunnies!
Llamas are so soft!

The horses were very friendly
This horse was very interested in Ryan
More bunnies. Aaron held at least three different ones.
Ryan liked them too
Ryan looks eye to eye with a rooster
Hanging a pine cone (covered in peanut butter and seed) bird seed feeder we made at the farm

Monday, March 16, 2009

Family Photos - Valentine's Day

Our Family
The boysLike big brother...push Ryan!
Sweet boys

Aaron (3 1/2 years old)
Ryan (12 1/2 months)
There's the silly boy we know!
Yep, another drummer
Who knew a 3 year old could fit in a Tonka truck!
That's better
Here we are...coming up on 8 years of marriage...geesh, who's the old married couple?!
Silly Daddy and Aaron
Another family photo

Even the pups had their photos (I was hoping to have a family photo with them but they were too excited to stay put)

More silly boys!

(For those of you who live in Bellingham - Faith Photography took these photos. They are very reasonable. For a flat rate, they came to our house and setup, spent an hour photographing, took about 150 photos and released all copyright. Laura was great we would highly recommend her!)

Friday, March 06, 2009

Ryan's First Haircut

Kim gave Ryan his first hair cut
Here's the "faux-hock" that is no longer
Ryan did really well...he sat relatively still, at the end we used the lolly pop trick
Aaron was really excited to help...he found the hand mirror and showed Ryan

Yep, more snow! Last Wednesday we got 4" of snow, the boys loved it!

Aaron dancing in the snow Ryan was not going to be left behind, he wanted to be out in the snow with this brother

Ryan and Mommy
I couldn't get Aaron to hold still for a picture...he was having too much fun running around
Squires takes higher ground