Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rachel and the Girl's Visit at the end of August :)

Rachel pushes Ella on the swing while Mikayla hangs out in the front pack
Aaron and Ella push Mikayla in the swing
Aaron has fun while Ella pushes him in the swing
Aaron and Ella at the mall play area
Pool Time!
Vegging in front of the tv
Diaper kids Lunch at Boulevard Park
Seeing the sights at Boulevard Park....look all of the kids fit on one stroller!
Exploring the rocks

The family
The gang at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle
The kids playing in the play area at the zoo called ZoomaniaThey had a blast
Aaron takes a look with Rachel
The bear gave us quite a show
Ella and Aaron running
Look a gorilla
The kids playing on the football equipment at marching practice at the high school
Aaron's first visit to Chukee Cheese
Playing video games with Daddy
Aaron liked to stand on the side while the car moved rather than sitAaron watches as we race

Friday, September 14, 2007

It's A Boy!

All of the pictures that we got this time, but the last, are profiles of our baby boy...yep, another boy!

This is a picture of our baby yawning...kind of looks like the scream picture side ways

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Choo, choo....!

The train table was Grandma Mel and Aunt Julie's birthday gift to Aaron It was a hit!
Ella and Aaron played
and played!

Aaron's 2nd Birthday Party!

Here we are hanging out waiting for the pizza in the oven
Present time! There were a few presents that were hot items...see below...because they were hot it took Aaron the entire party to open all of the presents.
Here is one of the "hot" items
Cake Time!
Ahh...that was some good cake! Check out Aaron's blue lips.
Here's Ella and I chilling
Cute little Mikayla sitting in Grandma Mel's lap with Aunt Julie looking on
The crew watching the movie Robots

Max and Mikayla...can you believe they are the same age!

Here was another "hot" item....the Weebles Castle

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Aaron shows off his skill

Aaron's Drum Set

The Corbet family for Aaron's birthday gave him a ....
drum set! He loves it.
Cool Toddler!
Aaron plays for Kaylee

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Birthday Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Cole

Grandma Cole and Aaron hanging out in Aaron's room
Look Aaron this is how you ride your bikeI can do it too!
Aaron opens the tower-o-presents
Hmm...what's in here?
The Boys on the couch
Aaron and Grandpa Cole
Big Smile
Cuddles with Grandpa
Aaron tries out his new tricycle outside
Yep, it's fun!
Aaron takes Grandma for a spin in the car
Aaron tries out his other tricycle