Friday, November 14, 2008

Auburn Field Show Competition - Veteran's Day Weekend (Equivalent to State Competition for Marching)

This year the band earned sixth place in state! The over all thought was that they deserved third...there was obvious point saving...the bands place in near exact opposite order that they if you were last to compete you placed first, etc. Over all they had a great season.

Full Retreat: Bellingham is the band in black, red and white right in frontAll of the bands line up on the field for awards

Here's video (not great quality since I used my digital camera) of their show: Santa

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ryan crawled for the first time yesterday!!


We put Aaron into soccer this season...he has had a blast. Unfortunately, our coaches don't know a lot about soccer and have taught the kids how to play tag. Aaron's first game was a riot. I will try and get video up of his next game, this Saturday.
Aaron has a really good leg on him, he can boot the ball

Every now and again the parents get to play too.

Bath Time

Laundry Basket Boys!

Puget Sound Marching Competion - Bellingham got 3rd in their category this year!

The boys enjoyed watching Daddy's band

Halloween Costume Party

Du...Du...Da...Du!!...Steve is here!
Backyardigan (George) Family
Cute little Aidric
Ryan and Aidric play
Bezanson Family

Zoe as a Zebra

Ben the Bear

Aaron and Ben rock out

Friday, November 07, 2008


This year we were a family of dinosaurs
Aaron loved his costume...he wore it on and off for two weeks before Halloween
Sweet Dino Ryan
Trunk or treat...each year our church has put on trunk or treat, which is where people decorate the inside of their trunks in our church parking lot and hand out candy. It is quite a hit, about 3,500 kids came through this year!
This year I made Matt and I's costume...and bought the we are in line for the next car
Kaylee joined us for some trunk or treat fun. Kaylee watches our boys while I work mornings.
Inside the church there were games for the kids to play and inflatable toys for the kids to play on.
One more game Daddy
Ryan took a ride on Daddy Dino's shoulders

Schuh Farms October 2008

This is my favorite pictures of the boys in the pumpkin patch
Aaron poses with pumpkins...he was pretty funny he tried to pick-up pumpkins that were half his size
Daddy and Aaron
Isn't this picture cute, too?!
The Boys
Mama and the Boys
Look how tall Aaron is...!
We rode the choo choo...Aaron was so excited!
We also tried out the corn maze this year...Aaron had a blast running after Daddy...although, you can't tell in this picture

Ryan liked the corn maze too...I found his hands full of leaves from the corn when we came out of the maze.