Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perfect strangers tell me all the time that my kids look alike... so here is a look at each kid at six months!

Aaron at six months 

 Ryan at six months
Madison at six months

The cookie was good!!!

Super Bowl!! ...thanks guys for visiting!

 Rod and Madison
Taking a time out from the game for snacks!

Daddy and Daughter - February 2011

So small... (Aaron 5 1/2, Ryan 3 and Madison 27 weeks)

 I love this picture...yep they are sibilings!
So small!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Madison is sitting! - 27 weeks

 Madison is sitting! However, you have to be their to catch her when she suddenly decides she is done.
They boys show their support!
Look I can play drums!

Making pizza... February 2011

 My first attempt at pizza dough...wasn't super successful. I don't think that the dough rose enough, it was chewy. But we had fun and made a huge mess!

The boys are ready to bake their pizzas! They spread their sauce and put on the cheese. :)

Look where Daddy found the boys

Chatty "Kathy"...Madison seems to like the sound of her own voice

Madison - 26 weeks - playing the piano

Even after 3 kids it is still amazing to watch them grown and learn new things.  Here is Madison showing off her piano skills. :)

Madison - 26 weeks - showing off some new skills

Little Lady in Red - February 2011 (26 weeks)


Monday, March 14, 2011

Home Sweet Home! Thank you, thank all who helped!!!!!!! - January 30, 2011

The family
Our new home in Maple Valley
Mt. Rainier...we are hoping this view remains after these lots are all filled!

Grandma Melodi and Aunt Julie in our new home with Madison

Grandma Melodi and Madison
Aunt Julie and Madison

Moving day, January 28, 2011...the boys drive their jeep on to the moving van

Ryan's 3rd Birthday party...a monter truck party! - January 28, 2011

The monster truck cake!... (super was moving day after all)
The candle was out before we had finished Happy Birthday!

Pin the tire on the monster truck
Ry's turn

No party is complete without a good game of tackle!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ryan! - January 23, 2011

Oh my, Ryan is 3!

Found my feet! - 23 weeks - January 2011

The kiddos (Aaron 5 1/2), Ryan (almost 3) and Madison (23 weeks)

Crazy hair night at Awana - January 2011

Matt managed to "faux"hawk out of Aaron's hair for crazy hair night at Awana

Madison and Ry - January 2011

Ry loves to try and make his sister laugh too!

Some where over the rainbow.... January 2011

Playing guitar with daddy - January 2011

Madison - 23 weeks - she loves to talk! - January 2011

Aaron (5 1/2) makes Madison (22 weeks) laugh - January 2011

Boxes...yep, we have boxes (ahh...moving) - January 2011

I found the boys watching their morning toons in their boxes
Boxes ares still one of the boys favorite toys!

Madison and her dancing feet - January 2011

Madison's feet go crazy when she is in her stand up is pretty fun to watch!
Just a little taste of her dancing feet