Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ryan is in a toddler bed! (January)

Ryan and Aaron help Daddy convert the crib into a toddler bed
Ryan and his tooth brush take a closer look
Aaron loves the measuring tape
Ryan and Aaron try out the toddler bed.  Ryan has done great in his newly converted bed (quick knock on wood) we have had absolutely no issue!

Visit from Grandpa and Grandma Cole and Grammy! (January)

Whatcom Falls
The gang: Aaron, Matt, Grammy and Grandma Kit (in the back ground Grandpa Jim and Ryan)
Grandpa Jim and Ryan
Aaron tries out his new air rocket
Ryan's turn
Peek-a-boo Grandma Kit and Ryan
Here comes Aaron!
Aaron giving us a "GQ" pose

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Aaron and Ryan

Aaron (4 1/2)
Ryan (2) is ready for a nap

Aaron and Ryan play with their new air rocket launcher

Aaron and Daddy play Wii Bowling

Ryan sings the ABCs

Fun at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry)

Samson (the world's most complete T-Rex skelton - 170 of its 300 bones)
Aaron puts Samson's size in perspective
Ryan and Daddy take a good look at Samson
Aaron and Ryan have fun in the sand
Aaron enjoys some water
Aaron watches a ball fly up through the tube and make a basket
Grandma Kit and the boys
Ryan watches the power of air
Grandma Kit helps Ryan and Grandpa Jim helps Aaron play tick tack toe with robots

Christmas at the Cole's

Ryan excitedly waits for Grandpa Jim to take the truck out of the box
Ryan helps pass out gifts...this one is as big as him!
Boys big and small opening gifts
Ryan does one of his favorite things, read
Whee! Aaron gives Ryan a ride in his new truck
Grammy and Ryan take a break...woosh!
The boys enjoy their new scooters

Betsy's Birthday...32nd...Agh!

Yummy Birthday cake
Aaron and Ryan help take out all of the candles
Ryan enjoys the cake

Christmas at the Covington's

Grandma Melodi and Ryan
Aaron and Aunt Julie

Aunt Julie, Josh and Ryan
Josh and Aaron
Daisy cozies up in Becca's lap
Kelsey (Kelsey's boyfriend), Alex, Daddy and Aaron
The boys had no trouble opening gifts
Julie shows off her new fabric
Becca shows off her new yoga pants
Grandma Melodi shows off the apron Julie made
Grandpa Andy
Boys wearing their new pj's Grandma Melodi made (love them!)
Kelsey, Kelsey's boyfriend (sorry I don't remember his name), Aaron and Ryan
Ryan sporting his new Elmo slippers

Thanks Great Grandpa and Grandma Kellenbeck for letting us open Ryan's horse early

Grr...look at me...I can ride fast!
FedEx delivered the Radio Flyer our front door with both of the boys jumping up and down excitedly and poor Kaylee waving him frantically to the garage. The FedEx guy didn't get it. We heard for days, "please can we open the horse, we will share". So, we called Great Grandma and Grandpa Kellenbeck and asked if it was okay to open the horse early. Thankfully they agreed!