Saturday, February 19, 2011

Christmas Tree!

 Madison's first Christmas tree hunt

 The boys wanted this tree as their Christmas tree, ha!
 Our Christmas tree

 Down it goes!
 Taking a ride with the tree

 Too funny and cute!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our new house - 12/4/10

The most usable part of our yard, is the side yard.

Santa! The boys were very excited to go see Santa this year.

   Aaron told Santa that he would like drums and a stuffed turtle for Christmas. Ryan after thoroughly interviewing Santa (where does he live? Where are the reindeer?), told Santa he wanted toys for Christmas.  Madison sat pretty in Santa's lap. Santa enjoyed her so much, I had to ask for her back. :)
 Boys checking out the firetruck in Maple Valley's tiny historical museum.

 Family in front of the museum.
The other museum where Santa was.

Our new house - December 1, 2010

It really is amazing house quickly houses can be built.

Our new home in Maple Valley under contruction - November 16, 2010

It has been a journey, but our house in Bellingham finally sold (it didn't end pretty...but given the market it could have been far worse).  This is our new home in Maple Valley!  We put in an offer and negotiated in over $10k in upgrades, yeah for buyers market. :) The house is on a culdesac and as you can see it has a park pretty much in the front yard.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend: Covington/Kellenbeck

 Grandma Kathleen and Madison
 Grandpa reads a book to Aaron
 Uncle Phill meets Madsion
 Great Grandma and Grandpa Hollensted meet Madison
 Uncle Phill and Madi
 Wrestle time with Uncle Phill
Uncle Phill teaches the boys how to tackle
 Aunt Alex and Madison
 Phill enjoys Madison
Madison zonked out in Uncle Phill's arms
 Grandpa Andy and the boys watch a movie
 Uncle Phill is Number 1!
Silly Uncle Phill...Aaron can't stop cracking up 

Grandma Kathleen enjoys Madison 
 Get Uncle Phill!
 Grandpa Mark and Madison
 Proud Grandparents
 I think Uncle Phill wants his hat back

Ryan and Aunt Julie...Madison looks on
More fun with Uncle Phill

Thanksgiving at the Cole's!

 Grandpa still has the touch!
 Let's eat!
 Madison doesn't look too thrilled
 Thanksgiving meal
 Looking at our soon to be new home on the computer.
 Madison rolled over for the first time the day before Thanksgiving!
Aaron hanging out with Madison
Madison giggles at Grandma Kit

Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow! We weren't sure if we were going to make it down for Thanksgiving, thanks to the sixish inches of snow. - November 2010

Aaron takes a look at our first snow of the winter.
 Whee! The snow begins!
 Love this picture of Ryan!
Bikes in the snow
 Beautiful! Gonna miss the 7 acres.
 Fun in the snow!
 You know me...and flowers. :)
 The mansion...all white.
 I had to pry the boys away from the snow. They had a great time!

 Daisy having a blast in the snow
Daisy and Squires having a good run in the snow
 Look Uncle Phill, they are already training to climb mountains!

 Snow angels!
So peaceful!