Saturday, March 20, 2010

Video of Baby Cole 3 - It's a Girl!

What you are seeing:  Baby's head is in the lower right hand corner. Baby's leggs are up... hope that helps!

Friday, March 19, 2010

We are having a Girl!

Look at that cute is our little girl waving
All curled up...the way she wanted to stay
Profile...with a limb...not sure which one arm/legg?
More profile, more limbs
Yep, another profile
Here is our "It's a Girl" proof picture :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

More Spring...we have a number of Northern Flickers who like to come for a visit

(These photos were taken through the sliding glass looking into our back yard)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is here!

I love my new camera!!!

Vancouver 2010 - Olympics!

Olympics here we come!
Anthony gives us a cheesey smile
Controversial Australian flag hanging in the back ground
Olympic Village and the official Olympic vechicles
Looking back at Olympic village
One of the rinks
Chelsea, Anthony, Matt and Me
Olympic flags
Brunch before the big game
Security line to get into the rink
Anthony goes through his own security line
Matt waits for his turn
The guy in blue on the life guard tower...they were every where and really helpful!
Go Vancouver 2010
Here we are in the rink...getting ready for Belarus vs. Switzerland
Us at the game
Chelsea and Me
Chelsea and Anthony
Everything in the blue area is press
Matt's Commentary
Warming up for the game
Go team!
Game time

The guys hunched over are the replacements for the goalies! This was a great game. Not only did it go into OT but also a shoot out!

Game time!
The torches!
Here we my favorite pictures!

Fun Family Pictures!

Julie, Mom and Me
Me, Julie and Becca
Mom, Me and Julie...I love all of these pictures!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Ryan's 2nd Birthday! - January 23rd

Happy 2nd Birthday Ryan!
Isn't he getting big?
Ryan in front of the pin-the-tail on the monkey game (Thanks Aunt Julie for making this cute game!!)
Ryan pins the tail on the monkey
Aaron's turn
Good job!
Ben gives a big smile
Zoe's turn
Good job Zoe
Ely gives us a smile
Maverick (Ely's borther) is in the birthday spirit
Next game...toss the banana in the monkey
Ryan looks for a banana
Aaron's turn (the kids have amazing aim!)
Ben's turn
Chelsea, Ryan and sweet!
Aaron and Maverick (Aaron is in training for his new sibling who is on the way!)
Lunch time~

Grandma Melodi, Mommy, Aunt Julie and Aunt Becca
Cake time!
Ryan blew out all of his own candles! Good job Ryan!
Present time!
The kids couldn't be close enough for present time!
Ribbons are fun!