Sunday, January 28, 2007

Two NBA stars in the family?

Matt's band played at the Bellingham Slam's basketball game a couple of weeks ago. Matt was asked to participate in one of their games. He had 30 seconds to make a lay-up, free throw, three pointer and half court baskets. He could shoot as many times as it took to make the basket. Matt made all of the baskets but the half court (he did hit the rim on the half court shot). He won a hat for the lay-up, basketball for the free throw, and a $20 gift certificate to Bob's Burger and Brew for the 3 pointer. He would have won 2 round trip tickets to Vegas had he made the half court shot! Way to go Matt!

Go Aaron!

Our little NBA Star!

Daddy you're so funny!

Who knew Daddy's belly could be so much fun?

Aaron reads a magazine

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The balloons...

Play ball!!

Aaron and Ella playing on the playground

More Matt will be teaching until July!

Thanks Grandma Mel for my great snow clothes...I stayed toasty warm! Also, thanks Grandma Kit for my hat and gloves!

Who knew you could mow snow!

A self-portrait...Aaron wasn't too happy...he wanted to walk!

Aaron took me on a walk all through the neighborhood. At one point he decided to explore a neighbor's driveway...we're still working on boundaries. :) He seemed to really enjoy the snow.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Some cute pictures of Aaron...

Big smile!

A new fun game...standing on my head!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Our Trip to Fort Bragg, North Carolina to see our best friends

The kids: Aaron, Ella and Mikayla

Aaron tried to be very helpful with Mikayla...he even put her pacifer in her mouth...atleast when he succeeded
Betsy and Mikayla...isn't she sweet?

Awww...what a nice hug!

Ella reads a book as we all play and relax on the bed go that way and I'll go this way
Dog Pile! That was fun...let's do it again!
Aaron and Daddy

Aaron on his chariot

Hi Mikayla...thanks for letting me take a ride
The boys!
Ella and Aaron hanging out

Who knew an air matress could be so much fun?

What better place to hang out then the McDonald's playland?

Here we come!

Friday, January 05, 2007

A Glimpse of Christmas 2006

What a cutie!
Aunt Melissa and Aaron
Aaron helps unpack packages that came in the mail

Alex and the puppies hang out
Thanks Dad the view is better up here

Santa and Mrs. Claus?

Aaron had fun opening the first couple of gifts...then we had to coax him to open more because he wanted to play with them.

Becca, Alex and Kelsey watch Aaron play with his new book

I think Daddy likes Aaron's Mr. Potato Head

Aaron helps Grandma put the paper away....


Round Two...Grandma and Grandpa Coles' house

Aaron found one of his gifts all on his own....and that was it...that was all he wanted to play with Right now the airplane is mommy and daddy powered...Aaron hasn't figured out how to use his legs.

Grandma Kit and Classy

Aunt Mel helps Aaron open a package

Thanks Great Uncle Dave, I love the pull toy you made for me!!

Grandpa Jim and Aaron