Monday, October 29, 2007

Look what Aaron did at daycare...finger painting with chocolate pudding...look where most of it ended up...his shirt, yikes!

I wonder what the actual piece of art will look like. I'll post it once he brings it home.

Puget Sound Festival of Bands

Warm up
Matt walking off the field after warm up

Aaron did awesome at the show...he watched 5 hours of marching without complaint...what a kid! Bellingham didn't make it to finals but they are definately holding their own. They scored near the middle of their class of 17 bands.

The Cole Annual Halloween party

It was that time again...time for the annual Cole Halloween party. This year...I pulled out the sewing machine and made Matt's vest and my chaps. Here we are as Buzz Light Year, Woody and Jessie from Toy Story 2 (hmm...a pregnant Jessie?)

Here's the full view :)
The George's as the Wonder Pets

The Dyvig's

The Bezanson's

The Strobel's

The Norman's

Our little Buzz

Trevor is on the left...he was an astronaut...and our winner for the Children's Costume contest

They boys...hanging on the couch...watching a movie

Jen and her parents

Our winners for the Best Adult Costume....Dan and Jen...yes Dan is wearing one of Jen's dance costumes

Mummy Wrap...don't they look thrilled? The goal is to be the fastest to wrap your partner in a full roll of tp.

and the winner is...Allison and Edd!

Sewing costumes...yep, I finally tried sewing on my own...close counts right?

27 weeks...another great shirt by mom!

You wear the you wear the hat

Aaron tackles Daddy

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A visit from Grandpa and Grandma Kellenbeck

The gang
Grandpa and Grandma Kellenbeck made a special trip to help with the new baby's nursery...we started and finished in a weekend. It turned out perfect! Here's Aaron helping Daddy prepare.
Here we are marking the walls, so we knew where the wall paper border was going as well as the different colors.
Daddy and Grandpa did all of the painting. Here they are working on the ceiling.
Aaron supervises as Grandpa edges with the yellow paint
Grandpa and Daddy working hard
Putting up the border
The proud painters
If you haven't figured it out already the nursery theme is airplanes
Isn't Daddy clever?
Clouds on the wall and ceiling...Daddy did a great job

Mommy decided that Aaron's room needed a toddler we added trucks and trains to his walls

Soon Aaron's crib will be heading to the nursery....once Mommy and Daddy can get a bunk bed for Aaron

Go Daddy bucking bronco!

Check out how I found Aaron sleeping the other night...yep standing on his stool

Aaron's first swimming lesson! Here he is jumping into the pool with Mommy's help.

Aaron learning to swim...kicking legs and using his arms...this was at the end of the first lesson

Daddy and Aaron play the house...yes, I was supervising/videoing

A visit from Grandma Mel (Two weekends ago)

Our cold, rainy and windy visit to Schuh FarmsAaron takes a closer look at the roaming chicken
Check out Aaron's super puffy jacket
Grandma roams the pumpkin patch
Daddy carries Aaron through the was so windy and rainy Aaron wasn't interested in looking at the pumpkins this year
Grandma and Aaron...grinning and bearing the elements
What a cute pair

Aaron helps Grandma park the car in front of the house...oh boy does he like to "drive"