Friday, April 30, 2010

Aaron has learned to draw people! Super cute!

Top (right of sun): Ryan; Bottom (from left) Mommy, Daddy, Kaylee, Mike, Aaron and Maverick (tiny red guy)

Aaron and Costumes

Girls dress up as princesses....Boys dress up as Dinosaurs!  I have been finding Aaron after "nap time" wearing his dinosaur costume.  He puts in on all by himself, which he is very proud of.  He has worn the silly thing all day.  He even knows to move his tail out of the way to sit down. Ha, ha.  The other day the boys both put on dinosaur costumes to scare the window washer (I highly recommend hiring a professional window washer at least is amazing!). :)

Scooters at Marching Practice

Cool Ryan and his scooter
Watch Ryan (2) take off on his scooter! I can't believe he can go so fast! Geesh!
The scooter gang at marching practice Thursday
Aaron and Ryan following the band on the side you can see they get side tracked :)
Waiting for the band to start
Let's go!

Tail gate party!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fun in the Tulips!

Tulip Town
A wagon ride through the tulips

Aaron (4 1/2) - Cheesey Smile
GQ Aaron

Mt. Baker in the distance
Try to tell the two year old that his brother didn't pick the tulip, he found his on the ground. Agh!  Oh well.
Cute Brothers
Family photo
Mommy and the boys

Where's the boys?
Another Mt. Baker shot
Baby Belly (23 weeks)
Cute Ryan (2)
Daddy entertains the boys
Ryan upside down in the tulips
I love these tulips!

More flying

My favorite picture of the day (the sun finally came out...much better light)
All done!


Road trip to Portland...Aaron the viking...gotta love what a Happy Meal box can do
Easter Baskets
Easter Egg Hunt #1
Get it Aaron!
Yep...they were competitive
Daddy takes a look at the findings
Easter Egg Hunt #2 (they like to find egss that much...we did another hunt after Easter dinner)
Squires would sure like an egg
Easter Dinner
Ryan's feet were cold. So we told him to go get sox. He came back with Daddy's socks and insisted that he wear them, they were like legg warmers!
Cheesey smile Aaron with Grandma and Aunt Julie
Mommy and Ryan