Thursday, December 13, 2007

The story of the bunk bed

Once we received the bunk bed in the mail...we took apart the toddler bed to be placed in the nursery. Once we had it together in the nursery Matt opened the boxes to the bunk bed to discover they had sent two different colors (honey and oak). Moral of the story...check the boxes first!
So, Aaron slept on his new twin mattress on the floor for just over a week. Aaron liked the mattress on the floor...easy to jump on!

Once we had all the right colors...Dan and Jen came over to help put the bed took two nights because our drill died. So Aaron slept on the floor on his mattress in the bunk bed frame (I wish I had gotten a picture of that). Dan brought his drill the second evening and the bed flew together!

...and we have a "big boy" bed!

Aaron's first night in his new bed

The new setup

Thank you to all of the family who helped make the bunk bed possible for Aaron!!!

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