Sunday, July 22, 2007

Here are a few pictures of our finished house. Yahoo!

Our house is painted! We are down to touch-ups.
The only thing that will be different, will be that the bases of the pillars on the top and the bottom will be blue.
Looking from the living room into the dining room...we can finally have all of the chairs around the table now that the china cabinet is in the living room
The living room...the dogs are happy the couches are back

The is the corner of living room that used to be the office

Looking towards the kitchen

From where the office was, looking at the stairs

Looking into the bonus room from the doorway...the back corner is the "office"

The bonus room serves as the family room/office/play room

This is the window that looks out into the backyard

Looking towards the hallway


  1. What color and brand of blue is your house? My mom is looking to paint her house and she really likes that color.

  2. Wow!! I love the new color on your house. It is so beautiful. Looks like you guys have done a great job - and it is all coming together now.

    How is the pregnancy going?