Monday, October 29, 2007

The Cole Annual Halloween party

It was that time again...time for the annual Cole Halloween party. This year...I pulled out the sewing machine and made Matt's vest and my chaps. Here we are as Buzz Light Year, Woody and Jessie from Toy Story 2 (hmm...a pregnant Jessie?)

Here's the full view :)
The George's as the Wonder Pets

The Dyvig's

The Bezanson's

The Strobel's

The Norman's

Our little Buzz

Trevor is on the left...he was an astronaut...and our winner for the Children's Costume contest

They boys...hanging on the couch...watching a movie

Jen and her parents

Our winners for the Best Adult Costume....Dan and Jen...yes Dan is wearing one of Jen's dance costumes

Mummy Wrap...don't they look thrilled? The goal is to be the fastest to wrap your partner in a full roll of tp.

and the winner is...Allison and Edd!


  1. Your costumes are awesome! A pregnant Jessie works somehow.

  2. You guys look great. Definitely want to see more pictures of Dan, though...I see blackmail in his future!