Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An update of the last few weeks

Grandma and Grandpa Cole visited a few weeks ago to see their grandkids and attend Matt's band concert
Aaron is ready to go for a walk. He likes to wear his sun glasses, just like his daddy.
After Matt completed his big projects for the National Board of Professional Teachers, he bought Aaron a ball and glove. Aaron loves to play ball with his dad.
...so does Squires
Aaron decided that daddy's shoes should be in the picture with Ryan...not a bad idea.
The boys...aren't they cute?!
Our boys
The first weekend of spring break we painted our bedroom. Aaron was a good supervisor.
Daddy and Ryan
Aaron has a bear, Daddy has Ryan
Matt marches down memory lane. Grandma and Grandpa Cole kept most of Matt's old toys. Aaron loves playing with them.
Aaron loves his Daddy's old trucks and cars
Grandma Kit and Ryan
Aaron plays with the water at the Portland Children's Museum
Here's a good use for recycled old tires...a "sand" pit
Leaving the museum
Uncle Phill meets Ryan
Aunt Julie and Ryan
Great Grandma Dorene and Ryan
Great Grandpa Ron and Ryan
Grandma Melodi and Aaron
The whole crew (Grandma Melodi, Aaron, Uncle Phill, Great Grandpa Ron and Great Grandma Dorene, Aunt Julie, Ryan, Mommy and Daddy)
Uncle Phill and Aaron hang and watch Curious George
Aunt Julie, Grandma Melodi and Ryan
Matt's cousin Megan and her husband Chris came for a visit. Here they are meeting Ryan.
Aaron enjoys the swing at Green Lake park in Seattle (it was 80 degrees! Not normal for the NW in April)
Ryan - 12 weeks old (he's 14 lbs now!)
I love this picture of Ryan!


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  2. I love the picture of Ryan sitting by himself with the hat on. He looks so different from Aaron! What color did you paint your room? It looks white but I couldn't tell if that was just the primer.