Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun in Seattle with Aunt Melissa, Derek, Grandma and Grandpa (September 2008)

Lunch at Dicks...Derek had a great idea of putting the straws together...Aaron thought it was a good idea too...he actually managed to drink his soda through the extra long straw
He also thought it made a good sword

We finally made it to the Pacific Science Center, which was fun for the whole family
Ryan being chauffered by Grandpa Jim
Aaron loves tractors but doesn't like loud noises. Daddy helped him cover his ears while they poured the metal marbles out of the tractor.
Aaron came back to this a lot...he loves water!
Even Ryan got to play
Aaron looking at the touch tank
Aunt Mel showed Ryan around...
...and he fell asleep
Aaron was so excited about dessert with Grandpa that he barely ate dinner.

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