Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring Break Part 4 - Easter!

Coloring Easter Eggs...Aaron's hands were as colorful as the eggs!


Big Cheese!
Easter Baskets
Hmm...what's up here?
Huh? Silly boy...but doesn't he look handsome?
Easter Family Picture
What handsome boys! Aunt Julie, Grandma Melodi and Aaron
The gang haning out
Thanks Aunt Alex for the ride...whee!
Choo, choo!
Aunt Julie and the boys
Hi! Ready gets set go...find eggs!Last year there weren't enough eggs...we made sure there were plenty this year!
Even Ryan found eggs!
Thanks for your help Aunt Alex!

And to finish off games with Aunt Kelsey!

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  1. Great Easter pics! I think Ryan and Nathan have about the same amount of hair :)