Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Baby Cole 3 - June 3rd Ultra Sound - 31 weeks

Today I had an ultra sound because I am yet again measuring small. We are just over 31 weeks.  I told our doctor that I always measure small at this point. He said yes, but just to be safe we would do another ultra sound. For most of the session an intern imaged our baby.  At the end the tech came in and sent the intern out to do paper work. She looks at me and says, "lets have some fun" and gets the 3d imager out. Yeah!  The above picture is my favorite!  She also reconfirmed that baby Cole 3 is really a enjoy the 3d pictures of Madison Hope and the 4d video!
This is my favorite video!
Almost looks like a smile!
Yep, there's a double chin!  The tech said she is about 3 lbs 9 oz. at this point.
Those are her fingers coming right at you. She had her hands by her face a lot. She also moved about 90% of the hour session...making it challenging on the intern. 
More 4d video
2d video...not quite as impressive after the 4d!

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