Thursday, August 05, 2010

July 4th weekend - Visit to Portland and a Drum and Bugle Corp Competition

Fun at the park

There had to be 30 geese at this little lake

Ryan sports Grandma Melodi's sunglasses
Seattle Cascades competing at the Hillsboro Drum and Bugle Competiton (Matt has five students marching in this corp this summer!)
Alex (one of Matt's students)
Ryan in Grandma's flowers
Big cheese from Aaron
35 weeks (I think)
More of Grandma's flowers
Fireworks time...the boys weren't very sure about this.

Aaron does NOT lile loud noises...we had multiple melt downs...because of fireworks going off in the neighborhood (Daddy picked fireworks that didn't make loud noises).
Because Aaron was so worked up about lound noises, Ryan decided to be scared too.

By the end we convinced Aaron that sparklers were fun.
Um...two peas in a pod...

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