Monday, November 01, 2010

Moving...Labor Day weekend...with a 3 week old (yikes)...THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR HELP!!! :)

As most of you know, Matt accepted a new job in Maple Valley, WA. Our house has been on the market since he accepted the job mid-May, it hasn't sold but we have decided that we can't live apart (we tried for nearly three weeks).  We have been blessed with an amazing rental...and made the move Labor Day weekend with lots of help!!! We were only partly packed due to Matt being in Maple Valley up until the move and that we had just had Madison.  Thank you, thank you to everyone who helped us move!! We could not have done it without you!!!!
 Moving our took 6 guys!

 Rod passed out with Madison

 Our empty house... tear... ready for our new adventure!

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