Saturday, February 09, 2008

Look what two weeks of Ryan has brought

Mommy and Ryan Daddy and Ryan
Sweet little bundle
Daddy and Ryan sacked out in the recliner
Mamma and Ryan
The Boys
The family
Aaron puts his baby in Ryan's car seat
This is the general scene when I feed Ryan...everyone (Aaron and dogs) must be right there too
As you can see Aaron loves his brother
Aren't these the cutest boys ever?!
...and these boys too
I love this one
Aaron and Ryan check each other out
It's super towel boy!
Mamma and Ryan again
Ryan's first bath (the hospital no longer bathes them...can you believe that?! Only a wipe down. Apparently we had really bad out break of the Neuro (sp?) virus and they have changed many procedures because of it.
Aaron is a big helper and must be in the middle of everthing, so he helped with the bath
...and he helps with diaper changes
We've had snow too
Tired mommy and daddy hanging with Ryan
Grandma Melodi and Ryan
I love this picture are my boys

Aaron sports his hard hat for Ryan

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