Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rachel, Will, Ella and Mikayla's visit

Little boy blue and little girl pink. Ella and Aaron picked up where they left off this summer...time to play!
Aaron decided to give Grimace a drinkElla thought it was a good idea and gave him a drink too
Time to slide
Play ball
Daddy wrestle mania Valentine's Day
Ryan's first holiday...Valentine's DayYeah, presents...a car!
Matt put together a wonderful photo album of "us"...and he gave me a beautiful necklaceYeah...Itunes!
Us after our dinner out at Anthony's...yum (yep Matt and I have been on two dates...and Ryan is just 5 weeks old. I don't think we went out on date until Aaron was at least 3 or more months old.)
Grandma Melodi and Aaron
Aunt Julie and Ryan

Grandma Melodi made great matching Curious George pajamas with each kid's name embroidered into the collars. They love them. If Aaron had his way he would wear them every night to bed.
They were very excited to match. I love this picture. Like I said they were very excited.
Silly kids
Tackle...go Aaron!
Aren't they adorable!
The trike and mower gang
The kids had a great time riding trikes and pushing the mower...thank goodness we had some nice weather!
Harrison family
Cole Family
Two big happy families
Time for a walk
The parade
..and Ryan sleeps
What visit would be complete without dominos?! Aunt Rachel and RyanUncle Will and Ryan
Ella and Ryan
The Guys

The Gals

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