Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Aaron's 3rd Birthday Party

Aaron's theme was Cars this year
Blowing out candles
The kids
I was really excited that we were able to convince the kids and adults to play pin the tail on the d0nkey
Yeah, even me...Matt and Jacqueline moved the chair and turned the paper backwards...nice huh?
Ben was so excited to play he must of pinned (stickered) the donkey four times
Gifts...Aaron was so excited for his party that he talked the entire time during nap time and was very tired by gifts....so we had melts downs...fun. (It was so hot...the kids were sweating by this point too!)
Playing with his legos from Grandma Melodi
Aaron and Ryan, so cute


  1. Ok, this might now post twice, but I'll try it again since it didn't seem to work. Cool cake - looks like it was fun, but I think I could feel the heat through the pictures!!!

  2. I can't believe that Aaron is three!!! Charlotte turns three next month. They grow up way too fast!! I LOVE the blog too. It's so cute!!! Good job.