Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Still working on July...a visit from Grandpa and Grandma Cole

Hanging out on the couch Grandma Kit and Ryan

Marine Life Center at the Squalicum Harbor Center. This is a great place on our harbor in Bellingham. This video of the octopus is pretty cool. Aaron takes a closer look at the touch tank

The octopus was very active. The kids loved it.

Do you see Aaron...?
Grandpa Kim and Aaron throwing rocks in the bay Winding up

Aaron shows Grandpa the new talent that daddy showed him

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  1. jackie lovelace5:03 PM

    Betsey, Your little guys are so cute....Charmaine has blog and has your on it so that is how I got a look see. What fun these blogs are. Your Great Uncle John isn't doing all that well..........
    Will continue to look in on your blog and keep up with your growing family....hard to believe they grow that fast....and of course we all know you all grew up way, way to fast also.
    HUGS to all, Great Aunt Jackie