Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas at the Covington's

What'cha got in there Grandma?
Grandpa Andy and Ryan
Aunt Julie and Ryan
Help Grandpa...take it out!
This looks fun!
Daddy checks out a new DVD
Ryan plays with his new froggy boots
Aaron tries out his new umbrella
This gift was a hit....
....even Grandma liked it
Aaron takes a seat with Aunt Julie for a better view

Aaron takes a look at his new 3d imager
Mommy helps Ryan with his new train

Aaron plays with his new dinosaurs
The train was a very popular gift from Grandma and Grandpa Cole...although it was given to Ryan, Aaron made sure he got good fun out of it too!
Ready, set, goooo....!

Look at all of that snow
Aaron loves his gift (Marble Works) from Great Grandma and Grandpa Kellenbeck
Mom and Andy's friend Sharrann made a great Ule Log Birthday cake
Ryan helps me blow out the candles
Aunt Alex, Becca and Keley hanging out with Ryan
Upside down baby...whee!
I'm going to get you....

Here's our sad attempt at a ginger bread house (from a kit none the less)...the frosting was terrible...! Oh well, maybe I'll attempt to bake my own next year.

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